Jakob Kukula is a multidisciplinary creator, working in the fields of art, design and music. Born and raised in Berlin, he is life-long influenced by the city’s thriving scenes.
After finishing his product design studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, that included abroad experiences at the Pratt Institute, NY and working with Studio Drift in Amsterdam, he returned to Berlin where he worked two years with the Studio Olafur Eliasson and finished his MA Thesis at KHB Weißensee.

As a CO-Founder of Symbiotic lab he currently explores a Planet-Centric Design practice, questioning the relationship between humans and nature, trying to find ways to reconnect and suggest ideas for a social and planetary transformation combining art, design & science.

2022 - DDW, Exhibition & PanelTalk with SpreeBerlin
2022 - OpenNext! - SpreeBerlin
2022 - ArtBiesenthal - Metamorphosis

2022 - Founding Symbiotic Lab at DesignFarm, Berlin
2022 - "Living with Uncertainty" - Artists Residency Project in Munich - Ebenboeckhaus
2021 - GDG Design Kultur Award for Spree&Berlin” at Kunstgewerbe Museum, Berlin
2021 - Kuration of SYNCRONICITIES at B-Part Berlin
2021 - Artist Residency, Sommerhaus Ammersee
2021 - Workshop & Impulse at Circular Society Forum, Berlin
2021 - BMBF -  »Zeigt eure Forschung!« im Wissenschaftsjahr - "SpreeBerlin"
2020 - Master Thesis at Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin / Project "SpreeBerlin"
2018 - 2020 Working for Studio Olafur Eliasson, Production & Development2020 Art Bisenthal
2018 - ROH x OFF
2018 - BA degree at Bauhaus University, Weimar2017 Exhibition of project „Made Of Rock“, Dutch Design Week
2016 - Exchange to Pratt Institute NY2016 Six month Internship at Studio Drift, Amsterdam

AwardsPress & Publications
Metamorphosis Publication, ENTKUNSTUNG X Symbiotic Lab
→ Circular Society Forum Berlin
→ SyncroniCities
→ Hochschulwettbewerb - Bioökonomie 2021
Made of Rock
→ bauhausstudio100
Designing Sustainable Interventions at Dutch Design Week 2017
→ Dezeen
→ Interview on Dutch Design Week 2017

Berlin, 10999

In the pandemic state of emergency of spring 2021, we became aware of the fragility of the complex web of human and non-human systems in which we live. With the exhibition SynchroniCities, we tested processes of attuning different forms of life. Uniting interdisciplinary instruments for sensory access allowed us to synchronise with non-human actors and to notice our being affected along the way. The video works, installations and objects thereby came together as a more-than-human vision of urban life in Berlin.

SynchroniCities took place from 1.4. - 16.6.2021 at Loop - Raum für aktuelle Kunst at the Gleisdreieck Park Berlin featuring works by Brad Nath, Florentin Aisslinger, Felix Beer, Helene Peters , Julian Aisslinger , Jakob Kukula , Leon Doering, Leoni Fischer, Mariano Managò, terra0, Sophia Schultz- Rocha and Xaver Hirsch as well as workshops with Pauline Alt and Lauren Uba.