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2021, 2022 & 2024

How can fear, uncertainty, and discomfort act like our compasses to growth?

How can narratives act as guidelines to navigate through uncertainty?

How can we live with uncertainty?

In the context of the collaborative, artistic, research project of the Ebenböckhaus residency format in Munich, Florentin Aisslinger, Leonardo Pellegrino, and Jakob Kukula address the urgent question of how we can live with the uncertainties of our time. Uncertainties that arise from closely interwoven environmental, sociopolitical and economic phenomena, resulting in a shared meaning and narrative crisis. A crisis that demands new forms of unified engagement and conscious enduring within uncertainty. In the face of the current situation in Ukraine, these questions become ever more acute and the issue of uncertainty present to all of us.
Living with Uncertainty is a search for ancient, as well as modern psycho-technologies, that can help us to better grasp, process, and ultimately live with the uncertainties of our time.

The garden acts as a platform or revised sacred space that is allowing for a critical examination of our ambivalent relationship with nature within “nature”. A space inviting us to get closer to plants and other species, recognizing them not only as essential inhibitors of the planet but as collaborators within mutual caretaking.“Interacting with plants offers beauty, homecoming, and grounding.
It may heal that which is broken.

The garden is a mirror of the maker and the user, in whom it is reflected simultaneously. The garden is a social space for family friends and companions in adversity and therefore has an emancipatory and liberating power. As an effective space, the garden transcends its own boundaries. As an experiential space it represents a space in which the world can be known and understood. “ - The Necessity of Gardening.

It is in this sense that the garden can serve as a “laboratory of the future”, a platform where solutions and visions of our interdependent projections of the future can emerge. In this project, the park is re-activated as an essential catalyzer of urban change.

A place for new beliefs or ideologies to be expressed within the urban and domestic realm, with the potential to reclaim and practice a symbiotic co-evolution of human and non-human actors. A common ground for practicing and re-visiting uncertainty and care-taking.

Living With Uncertainties

Jakob Kukula is a multidisciplinary creator, working in the fields of art, design and music. Born and raised in Berlin, he is life-long influenced by the city’s thriving scenes.
After finishing his product design studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, that included abroad experiences at the Pratt Institute, NY and working with Studio Drift in Amsterdam, he returned to Berlin where he worked two years with the Studio Olafur Eliasson and finished his MA Thesis at KHB Weißensee.

As a CO-Founder of Symbiotic lab he currently explores a Planet-Centric Design practice, questioning the relationship between humans and nature, trying to find ways to reconnect and suggest ideas for a social and planetary transformation combining art, design & science.

2022 - DDW, Exhibition & PanelTalk with SpreeBerlin
2022 - OpenNext! - SpreeBerlin
2022 - ArtBiesenthal - Metamorphosis

2022 - Founding Symbiotic Lab at DesignFarm, Berlin
2022 - "Living with Uncertainty" - Artists Residency Project in Munich - Ebenboeckhaus
2021 - GDG Design Kultur Award for Spree&Berlin” at Kunstgewerbe Museum, Berlin
2021 - Kuration of SYNCRONICITIES at B-Part Berlin
2021 - Artist Residency, Sommerhaus Ammersee
2021 - Workshop & Impulse at Circular Society Forum, Berlin
2021 - BMBF -  »Zeigt eure Forschung!« im Wissenschaftsjahr - "SpreeBerlin"
2020 - Master Thesis at Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin / Project "SpreeBerlin"
2018 - 2020 Working for Studio Olafur Eliasson, Production & Development2020 Art Bisenthal
2018 - ROH x OFF
2018 - BA degree at Bauhaus University, Weimar2017 Exhibition of project „Made Of Rock“, Dutch Design Week
2016 - Exchange to Pratt Institute NY2016 Six month Internship at Studio Drift, Amsterdam

AwardsPress & Publications
Metamorphosis Publication, ENTKUNSTUNG X Symbiotic Lab
→ Circular Society Forum Berlin
→ SyncroniCities
→ Hochschulwettbewerb - Bioökonomie 2021
Made of Rock
→ bauhausstudio100
Designing Sustainable Interventions at Dutch Design Week 2017
→ Dezeen
→ Interview on Dutch Design Week 2017

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