MetaMorphosis is an interdisciplinary project that was initiated by Jakob in 2021 and collaboratively developed with Mediaartist Xaver Hirsch, composer Ben Meerwein and ecologist Esteban Menares. The project was conceived during the SOAM residency , where the team conducted extensive research on the habitat of insects in the region. As part of this endeavor, the team planted a wild meadow in the house's garden and orchestrated an artistic ritual that systematically documented acoustic and visual impressions of the site, culminating in an immersive audio-visual performance that incorporated various mediums, including live microscopy.

The artists also worked with visitors at the residency site to fill a site-specific sculptural insect habitat with local natural materials, thereby encouraging contemplation of the insects' life forms and needs. This approach, comprising a scientific impulse lecture, a workshop, and an audio-visual performance, has evolved into a methodology that enables the MetaMorphosis project to take shape at new locations, akin to the cycle of metamorphosis. Recently, the project has been presented at the Berlin environmental education center Im Nirgendwo and at Art Biesenthal 2022 in Brandenburg.