As we continue to live in a state of pandemic emergency, we (re)discover our existential fragility within the complex web of human and non-human systems. This emerging awareness of planetary interdependence casts doubts on a possible return to „normality“.Yet, it also opens up space to question common beliefs of the ontology of the world. What if, instead of engaging with an outside world we would find ourselves as parts within phenomena under-lying constant interaction? (Barad, 2012)
What creative strategies help to foster transformative processes of becoming together? How do we create a mode of coexistence in which all species exist in harmony on an equal footing? Which tools can help us to look more closely, to listen and sense? The participating architects, artists, designers, and scientists to present exciting formats, ideas, and projects to explore these questions and explore a planet-centeric world view. Along the realms of Listening, Showing, and Engaging, SynchroniCities invites you on an adventurous journey towards possible answers.

Participants: Brad Nath, Florentin Aisslinger, Felix Beer,Helene Peters, Julian Aisslinger, Jakob Kukula, Leon Doering, Leoni Fischer, Mariano Managò, Max Hampshire, Paul Kolling, Paul Seidler, Sophia Schultz-Rocha, Xaver Hirsch

Curated by: Jakob Kukula & Leoni Fischer

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