The project „MADE OF ROCK“ is about the interesting and rarely used material Basalt. 15% of our earth crust is covered with basalt stone, which can be heated, mel-ted and further fabricated into a variety of fibre based materials. Apart from its cheap price in retail it is UV-protective, has a high alkali and acid resistance, is non flammable and maintains integrity at temperatures up to 600°. So far it has been mainly used in thermoplastic and concrete reinforcement. Our Goal was to find a new and smart scope of application - using fibre reinforced textile material focusing on its extreme heat resistance we decided to make use of the thermal features to create a concept around heat protective clothing. Protective wearables always work with a sandwich layered structure.We exchange the outer layer, usually the synthetic textile aramid with our natural basalt fibre fabric. With com-parable heat resistance but with added ecological and economical advantages, this is where we set our value chain intervention to create a more sustainable product.It is a deliberate decision and of high importance to our concept to work with a natural material that has nearly unlimited resources.